#BBNaija: Payporte reacts to Cee-c calling their outfit ‘nonsense’

#BBNaija: Payporte reacts after Cee-c destroys the dress they gave her#BBNaija: Payporte reacts to Cee-c calling their outfit ‘nonsense’ The Official Sponsor of the Big Brother Naija Reality TV Show, Payporte is disappointed with Cee-c after she destroyed the traditional outfit they gave her and tagged it rubbish.

She took a scissor and cut the outfit to a crop top, then rocked it with a skirt for the Saturday Night party today.

Followers of the show have tagged her actions as “ungrateful” and rude, with many calling on the organizers of the show to take actions against her.

Payrote took to their official Instagram page to respond to her actions, they wrote:

“PayPorte is very dis-pleased by the comments made by @ceec_official about the outfit given to her. We take out time to style all housemates with respect to the theme of every Saturday party. We consider this a disrespect to our brand and consider this offensive.”

Some comments from Nigerians Below:

Ray #BBNaija@Rayberry_NIG

Payporte gave Ceec a dress and she called it nonsense then used a scissor to cut the dress… That serves the organizers of and Payporte right. Next time you will do a mental check during auditioning


I remember when payporte gave ceec a dress worth 100k.. ceec is so ungrateful see the way she was insulting the person that designed the dress.. it’s a traditional attire you are not supposed to be looking so sexy..


Ceec condemned that dress and not adjusting it. Turning a complete Long gown to a top while bashing the Tailor. You talk about adjusting if she tightened, cut just one layer, or used an accessory on it. What she did is WRONG and diff from what Ifu, Nina etc did.


Ceec’s dress wasn’t meant to be sexy it’s meant to represent a culture and she insulted payporte and the culture by calling it ugly

+ DIDI🔥🌷@Blessed_didi

So Payporte replied Ceec’s ingratitude over the dress given her and her fans are all over cussing the organization out.
One even said their business should burn 😂
Tomorrow now, lashed would get evicted and they’ll cry SCAM.


This Ceec is very irritating! See how she wasted and Destroyed that dress…. definitely not a good ambassador to any brand👎👎👎


Ceec cutting dat dress is not even annoying! Why did she say “ so somebody wasted time to make dis dress” “ please I can’t wear this nonsense” dat is fucking disrespectful

a whole spice rack@TifeBollz

Ceec didn’t think it through at all from sponsor/advert point. She didn’t even alter the dress a little,she completely took it apart!

Res Judicata@Judicata_a

CeeC shouldn’t have cut that dress tbh. She looks too odd now

Lady Efo@lady_efo

Omg CeeC cut off the bottom of her dress, and paired the top with a fitted black skirt 😱😱.. this girl is a problem. Is that even allowed? 🤣

Ray #BBNaija@Rayberry_NIG

That how @payporte sponsored with millions of Naira and It took Ceec’s just some seconds to destroy the Payporte brand by calling their dress nonsense and also using a scissor to cut the dress.

Next time Payporte should conduct a mental check when selecting housemates

Ikan 🇳🇬@OfycialIkan

CeeC, I’m disappointed in you. You disrespected that dress, you look odd, changed a beautiful traditional to a crop top. Now you’re trying to over dance to cover up your mess. You deserve a strike from God, not biggie.

Oreoluwa Yusuf@oreswagg

CeeC is legit mad, she cut that whole dress to a crop top. The Tailor is crying where she is now. Mad disrespect.

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