‘I don’t know when I will leave football’ – Messi concious the day to retire will come

‘I don’t know when I will leave football’ – Messi concious the day to retire will come. Lionel Messi, FC Barcelona’s Argentine star, gave an interview to the Spanish football federation’s official magazine, which AS quoted on Monday. In the interview he speaks about various topics, including his future.

“They had a World Cup qualifying phase which was very good, they are clearly a candidate to win. The level of the players is spectacular and they are always an opponent to beat for the rest of the counties. In Brazil they went out earlier than expected but I’m sure in Russia they’ll fight to the end.”

“I want to say Argentina are in the final so I would sign up for that now (Spain v Argentina), it would be a special game. I’ve spent a long time living here, I know the Spanish players well, I have friends in the Spanish side, so let’s see. I hope it happens… but always only if Argentina win!”

“I just consider myself another player. In the end each player is different and they have their own characteristics. It motivates me to play other great players. You should learn from each game and each opponent.”

“That’s the toughest question. I don’t even know! My enthusiasm and hope keep growing every day. There are still a lot of challenges I’d like to complete collectively, more trophies, more goals. Now I find myself doing well but I don’t know when I’ll leave football, maybe it’s a bit too early to think about that – though I’m conscious that day will come.”

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