50 African best dishes you may not know

potato fufu

Potato Fufu

Potato Fufu is in a league of its own when it comes to fufu recipes. It’s not as straight forward as you think.

plantain fufu

Plantain Fufu

Plantain Fufu recipe request has been sitting in my list for the longest time. Finally, I am showing you how.

how to make pounded yam with a blender

How to Make Pounded Yam with a Blender

You don’t have a stand mixer? But you have a blender? Your blender may be strong enough to make Pounded Yam.

how to make pounded yam with a stand mixer

How to Make Pounded Yam with a Stand Mixer

If you have a stand mixer, it’s time to make it work harder by using it to make Pounded Yam.

nigerian Tea

Nigerian “Tea”

What we call tea in Nigeria is not what the rest of the world calls tea.

hot cross meat pies

Hot Cross Meat Pies

Easter Recipe: Hot Cross Meat Pies are revemped Nigerian Meat Pies to celebrate Easter with.

follow me to oyingbo market

Follow Me to Oyingbo Market, Lagos Nigeria

It’s yet another market run, this time to Oyingbo Market in Lagos Nigeria. Oyingbo for me is the head quarters of Nigerian fod ingredients especially for those looking to buy in bulk and stock up or those traveling to obodo oyibo. for the video.

yam balls

Yam Balls (Ji Akpurakpu)

Yam Ball is another way to enjoy sweet yam.

rivers native soup

Oiless NonSlimy Okra Soup

This Okra Soup has no palm oil and is prepared in such a way that the okra is not slimy. My husband calls it Okra Pepper Soup and it is indeed a meal on its own.

rivers native soup

Rivers Native Soup

Let the fishermen of the Rivers State lead the way to the ingredients for the Rivers Native Soup. I call it Ora Soup or is it Bitterleaf Soup on steroids! Yum.

efo riro

Efo Riro

If you can’t get the ingredients for Nigerian Edikang Ikong where you live, Efo Riro is the next soup to go for.

catfish pepper soup

Catfish Pepper Soup (Point & Kill)

Check out this Nigerian fish pepper soup recipe and discover why you need to start pointing right now

bitterleaf soup with quaker oats

Quaker Oats as Alternative to Cocoyam in Nigerian Soups

By far the best alternative to cocoyam in Bitterleaf Soup and Ora Soup. Same look, same taste and it is healthy too!

abak atama soup

Abak Atama Soup

Abak Atama Soup is a delicious soup popular amongst the Ibibios of Akwa Ibom State in Southern Nigeria.

ofe ugba

Ofe Ugba

Ofe Ugba, native to Imo and Abia states of Nigeria is simply Okra Soup cooked with shredded oil beans but tastes so different.

miyan kuka

Miyan Kuka

This Northern Nigerian baobab leaves soup will leave you wondering where you have been and why you have never tried this soup.

light and easy ogbono soup

Light Ogbono Soup Recipe

Is this the easiest Ogbono Soup recipe? Perfect for when you want to prepare light Ogbono Soup.

ofe achara with akpuruakpu egusi mgbam

Ofe Achara (with Akpuruakpu Egusi, Mgbam)

The most traditional way to cook Egusi Soup.

egusi soup fried

Egusi Soup (Fried Method)

Here’s how to prepare the popular Nigerian Egusi Soup using the fried method.

Using Flour as Thickener in Nigerian Soups - Best Practices

Using Flour as Thickener in Nigerian Soups

Best practices when using flour as thickener in Nigerian Soups instead of pastes. This is perfect if you cannot buy cocoyam corms (for Bitterleaf Soup or Ora Soup) or yam tubers (for Nsala Soup) where you live.

egusi soup

Egusi Soup (Caking Method)

Ground Egusi (melon) seeds are used to prepare this Nigerian soup recipe with an intercontinental taste. It has been known to be enjoyed by people from all parts of the world.

pepper soup

Assorted Meat Pepper Soup

Discover the secret Pepper Soup ingredient so you do not have to go to exclusive restaurants to eat your favourite recipe.

goat meat pepper soup

Nigerian Goat Meat Pepper Soup

Goat meat gives the Nigerian Pepper Soup a unique taste. Try it and compare to Assorted Beef Pepper Soup & Chicken Pepper Soup.

ogbono soup

Ogbono Soup (Draw Soup)

Ogbono Soup, also known as Draw Soup is the gelatinuous Nigerian soup that makes eating fufu recipes a breeze.

ogbono soup with okra

Ogbono Soup with Okra

Yes, you can add okra to Ogbono Soup. Learn how to add more green vegetables to your Ogbono Soup.

okra okro soup

Nigerian Okra Soup

This farm fresh recipe is like a breath of fresh air. The simpler version of Okro Soup is a kiddies favourite.

Edikang Ikong soup

Edikang Ikong Soup (Vegetable Soup)

Edikaikong Soup: Loved by many, cooked by a few. Join the exclusive club of people who know how to cook this delicious soup.

afang soup

Afang Soup

Another nutritious soup recipe from Efik land, this time with the wild Okazi herbs.

banga soup

Banga Soup (Ofe Akwu)

The Nigerian Banga Soup, prepared with palm fruit oil extract and herbs, is low in saturated fats.

bitterleaf soup

Bitterleaf Soup

The Igbos from eastern Nigeria will tell you that this is their favorite soup in the world.

nsala soup

Nsala or White Soup

Love catfish? Nsala soup is one of the easiest Nigerian soup recipes to prepare.

ora or oha soup

Ora (Oha) Soup

Change the vegetable in Bitterleaf soup to get Ora soup. They are so similar yet has different tastes.

groundnut soup

Groundnut Soup (Peanut Soup)

If you can’t prepare Egusi Soup where you live, Groundnut Soup is the next Nigerian soup to go for.

gbegiri soup

Gbegiri Soup

Gbegiri Soup is a Yoruba soup prepared with beans. It goes well with Amala when served with Ewedu Soup.

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