Family life and divorce Kate Henshaw ex-husband’s name is Roderick James Nuttal

Family life and divorce Kate Henshaw ex-husband’s name is Roderick James Nuttal.

The spouses were together for 12 years and seemed to be quite happy, but broke up in 2011. The reason for the controversy was accusations of adultery. The actress has a daughter, Gabrielle Nutall, with him.

Rod is the Managing Director of Ledrop Nigeria Ltd. Now he has started a new page in his life and has remarried. During the break-up of this couple, thousands of people were spreading rumours about them. According to one popular version, Rod was carried away by his secretary Angela Gordon. This woman was the main reason for the family’s destruction.

For a while, the relationship was kept in secret until Kate started to suspect infidelity. The actress unexpectedly came to her husband’s office, even though she had earlier told him that she was going to a set in Lekki. Some sources claim that it was then that she received confirmation of her worst fears. The result was an official divorce, which occurred a few months later. People say that, after that, Angela settled in the flat of her lover and received a chic car from him. The audience did not immediately find out the reason for the separation because Kate was not in a hurry to give details to the media. In one of her interviews, where she was asked to say the real reason for the divorce, Kate Henshaw refused to open up about the break-up.

while actress Kate Henshaw’s 46th birthday with beautiful photos Kate Henshaw relation to the situation Kate refers to her former marriage philosophically, says that there were some great moments in it, for which she gives thanks. Everything has its place and time. Nothing terrible happened to her. Some people were harmed in relationships much more. Therefore, everything that happened was for the better. She accepted this situation and decided to proudly move on with her life.

The ambitious actress has many goals and dreams so there was simply not enough time to feel sorry for herself. The presence or absence of a husband does not affect what kind of person she is. This, to her, was just a circumstance and not a determiner of her life. It’s normal for relationships to break up. The main thing is not to create a tragedy from it. Kate was more worried about her daughter, because children suffer as a result of rifts between parents. Now Kate is trying to give her daughter the best that she can, despite the circumstances. The actress hasn’t brought her gorgeous daughter Ella into the limelight yet. Kate explains that public life is not for her daughter. So, you will fail if try to find the girl’s photo on the Internet. “She didn’t ask for this life. It’s mine and mine alone. If you see her with me, you won’t even think she’s the one. Which is good”, the Nollywood actress revealed.

Kate Henshaw husband is in the past now. The actress says that this was one of the situations where it is better to start something new than to try to correct something old. She absolutely does not regret her child. She is very happy about the having Gabrielle from this marriage. This is one of her most important achievements.

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