Nigerian vomits insect after herbalist gave her some herbal concoctions for pain (photos)

Nigerian vomits insect after herbalist gave her some herbal concoctions for pain (photos)

 As a result of a rather discomforting Dysmenorrhea, also known as menstrual pain, a young Nigerian lady visited a herbalist who in turn gave her concoctions fr the pain.

A Facebook user identified as Ifeanyi Emmanuel Onwukaike shared the story, mentioned that the lady in question is his sister.

Narrating the sister’s ordeal, Ifeanyi said his sister had been battling with pains in her stomach since 2010 but she was finally relived after meeting the herbalist this 2018.

He further revealed that the relief from the herbalist came after futile efforts from different specialists who stated that she was suffering from worms or ulcer.

On seeing that modern medicine wasn’t working, their mother decided to take his sister to the said herbalist in Nkanu in Enugu state.

Shockingly, Ifeanyi revealed that his sister threw up the insect after she took the things the herbalist had given to eat.

Giving thanks to God for his sister’s health brought back to normalcy, Ifeanyi posted:

“The poison my sister vomited yesterday 2nd day of April 2018. She has been battling for this since 2010, immediately we finish our father’s burial she felt sick, i have taken her to many specialist result always worms or ulcer, after she dreamt how she vomited substance on Friday night been 30th March 2018 mum decided we go for traditional treatment to one man in Nkanu Enugu province Biafra. The man gave her leaf to shew after 30 minutes and another root to shew less than 25 minutes after she shew the root she started vomiting and this was the result. What can we say but thanks be to our God ChukwuOkike. That’s the world we live in. May God help us.”

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