US visa renewal: How to renew US visa in Nigeria 2018

US visa renewal: Nigerians have a great chance to restore their US visas in 2018 on the off chance that they were issued one preceding. pick up every little thing about US visa renewal in Nigeria. The guide underneath is ideal for natives whose US visa has officially lapsed.

US visa renewal in Nigeria 2018


All Nigerians who wish to the movement to the United States of American need to get a legitimate visa. There are specific reports required for US visa, particular necessities for the candidate and same application process, which applies to individuals who get their first visa and individuals who reestablish their visa.

US visa renewal is a disentangled technique for getting another visa once your past one has lapsed. This administration is just accessible to Nigerians who are going to re-apply for their new visa in precisely the same as their past visa that is not any more substantial.

For instance, let us say you had a guest’s visa compose B1 or B2, which has terminated. You have to restore your visa in a similar classification with the goal that you can take after the improved prerequisites. Be that as it may, if this time you are searching for a work kind of visa, for example, H1, you won’t be apple to restore your lapsed visa. You will just need to apply following the standard necessities and principles.

Necessities for US Visa Renewal

The technique of US Visa Renewal is a less demanding approach to get your American visa since there is no requirement for you to go to your meeting at the international safe haven(us Embassy in Nigeria). You should convey your application to a DHL Document Drop-Off place inside a time of your past visa termination date, yet no later than 10 days before an entire year duration. For instance, your US visa lapsed on April 30, 2018. This implies you can give every one of the records to its restoration no later than by April 19-20, 2019.

Nigerians who apply for re-establishment of US visa are called talk with waivers. They can apply for various non-migrant visas, for example, B1 and B2, M, L, F, J, and H compose. It is important to send your application to the nearest to your mail station and be qualified for visa restoration by meeting the accompanying prerequisites.

Rundown of general prerequisites for a talk with waivers:

US visa renewal in Nigeria 2018 requirements

  1. You ought to have a substantial Nigerian international ID
  2. Your past visa meet was an effective fun and helped you be issued an American visa
  3. Your past visa’s termination date was close to 1 year before you re-apply
  4. You were 14 years or more established when you were issued your past US visa
  5. You don’t have any captures throughout your life in the United States of America
  6. Your past US visa hasn’t been wiped out You have never overstepped laws in the USA

It would be ideal if you take note of that there could be extra prerequisites relying upon the sort of the visa you wish to get, so twofold check this rundown at the U.S. International safe haven and Consulate in Nigeria site here

Records required for US Visa Renewal

  1. Your Nigerian international ID (a substantial one)
  2. Application affirmation
  3. Pictures (international ID measured)
  4. Visa charge receipt (you should pay the official visa expense which changes from 160 U.S. dollars to 265 U.S. dollars relying upon the kind of the visa; this expense can be paid at any GT Bank area)
  5. Your worldwide travel permit with past American visa/visas
  6. Finished recharging visa shape for visa write H, M, F, J (if appropriate)

You need to take these records to your a DHL drop confine Lagos or Abuja. For the most part, your reports would be come back to you in up to 10 working days. Be that as it may, there is no assurance that you will be issued a renewed visa, so don’t feel that these reports and your qualification for US Visa Renewal as to promise you anything.

These are the primary prerequisites for US Visa Renewal. Nigerians who like voyaging abroad and are awed by all the vacation destinations in the USA can simply re-apply for another visa once the past one terminates. Is it accurate to say that it isn’t an awesome opportunity?

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