How to merge Facebook pages with different names

How to Merge Facebook pages having diverse names? Numerous page managers are looking at this issue and don’t know how to explain it. Here, Facebook gives a clue on the most proficient method to blend pages, however, this does not generally happen, and it is hard to locate the required data. Our manual can help you to take care of this issue.

How to merge facebook pages with different names

Ensure that your pages meet the prerequisites for combining

Facebook will merge the pages just on the off chance that they meet certain necessities:

  1. You need overseer(admin) access to all prepared to merge pages.
  2. Pages ought to have closely resembling content. For instance, you can not join a page that speaks to a work associated with a page that speaks to a football group fan club.

Pages ought to have similar names. For instance, you can consolidate “Great page” and “Great page1”, yet the “Great page” and “Totally extraordinary page” can’t be blended. On the off chance that the page names are not the same, change the name the first or the second one of their pages consequently they are nearly the same. Open the page and snap “Alter” at that point “Refresh page data”. In the “Name” field, enter another name for the page. The primary necessity for changing the name is that the page needs less than two hundred preferences.

On the off chance that conceivable, the pages ought to have a similar address.

You have to know which page will be spared. When blending pages, the page that has the biggest number of preferences will be spared, and alternate pages will be joined with it. Solidified pages will be erased, and you will just have the chosen page, with all perusers and number of perspectives.

Spare the coveted substance from old pages. After the merger, all photographs and messages will be forever lost. Remember to spare the pictures and duplicate the content of extremely vital distributions that you need to gauge to the fundamental page.

The most effective method to merge Facebook Pages with various names

  1. Pick the page with the biggest number of preferences. The blending procedure will be performed on this page.
  2. Snap to the “Administrator board” on this page.
  3. Tap the “Edit Page” catch.
  4. At that point select “Edit Settings”. Tap the connection “Merge Duplicate Pages”.
  5. On the off chance that this choice is inaccessible, it implies that Facebook has not discovered pages that can be combined.
  6. Ensure that the page you need to combine meets every one of the necessities.
  7. Affirm the pages that you need to combine.
  8. A rundown of every single distinguished duplicate of the pages shows up on the screen.
  9. Check the case beside each page that you need to converge with your landing page.
  10. After you tap on the “merge Pages” catch, all perspectives will be added to the principal page, and all the substance on the merged pages will be erased.

The endorsement of a merge Facebook page can take up to 14 days. You will be informed of an aftereffect of a merger by email.

Step by step instructions to erase a copy page

As was specified above, you can merge Facebook pages to comparable pages just when you are the supervisor(admin) of these pages. There are circumstances when there are copy pages that are exceptionally annoying you, befuddle clients, however, they don’t have a place with you. These might be old pages that your organization has lost access to; it can likewise be a page made by the devotees of the brand or, in actuality, spoilers who need to undermine trust. In these cases, you can apply for the evacuation of such a page.

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