Yam flour production business plan

Yam flour production business plan: Yam flour production is a problem that is begging to be addressed for some Nigerian businessmen. This item is broadly spread crosswise over such landmasses as Africa, Asia, Latin America and India. This is totally helpful sustenance that has a high monetary esteem. That is the reason we will disclose to you how to begin a fruitful production of yam flour.

Yam flour production business plan
Yam flour production business plan

The dull tubers can be yellow or white. In the most cases, they are found in West Africa, China and Asia. The pioneer of the yam production in Africa and it has a production volume more than 80 million tons. But that yam is gainful sustenance, it likewise has a high dietary esteem. Yam has come on potassium, sodium, immersed fat, dietary fibre and manganese. There are numerous approaches to utilize this useful item. Numerous Africans rotisserie, bubble, pound, flame broil, cook and heat it.

Yam Flour

Yam flour production business plan
Yam flour production business plan

There is a conventional Nigerian delicacy – beat yam. It’s likewise extremely mainstream and dearest in West Africa. To make a beat yam, it’s important to bubble it and pound in a mortar. Notwithstanding, there is a decent substitute today. Yam flour is an extraordinary other option to this not simple technique.

By and large, we know two fundamental kinds of yam flour in West Africa. The organization of these two kinds is extraordinary. Yam flour preparing happens in various approaches to get white or marginally earthy delicate flour. It relies upon what sort of flour is required.

A standout amongst the most imperative advantages of yam flour is a long time span of usability. It doesn’t require refrigeration. Besides, they say that it can turn out to be far better after some time. Protected yam flour is much more determined and less massive. Yam flour handling takes a considerable measure of time. Likewise, it’s very difficult and hard. It’s important to peel it, at that point cut into pieces and at long last bubble in water.


You can salt it or include some other fixings until the point that it is readied. The following stage is utilizing of odo – an uncommon cut-out tree trunk. From that point onward, you should pound it with a wooden pestle. As should be obvious, this system requires a lot of physical endeavours and once in a while can be unhygienic.

Fare Potential of yam flour

Yam flour production business plan
Yam flour production business plan

Beat yam flour is every now and again utilized at social and likewise home occasions. Because of its straightforwardness, pleasant taste and effectiveness of cooking, yam flour uproots in a customary way. But that this item is in demand, it is likewise very sent out. This is because of the way that there is an absence of yam in Europe, America, and Australia. That is not amazing. As we’ve said before, it develops in tropical areas like Africa, Asia, India and so on.

In addition, the outsiders might want to taste this rich delicacy and they are prepared to give a considerable measure of cash for yam flour. Alternate factors that influence yam flour so wanted for different nations are great developing atmosphere, simple openness and incredible degrees of profitability.

Business plan on yam flour production

One of the significant inquiry for Nigerian business person:

What do I requirement for production of yam flour in Nigeria? Initially, you need such gear like:

  • measuring machine;
  • cut and grinding machine;
  • processing beat yam machine.

Along these lines, yam flour preparing incorporates:

  • washing of the yam;
  • the establishing of the yam;
  • processing of it and bundling.

Subsequently, the production procedure of beat yam flour is:

  • buying of astounding white yam;
  • washing without end the sand on the yam tubers;
  • peeling of the yam tubers;
  • at that point washing of the yam tubers;
  • cutting and grinding of the yam tubers;
  • crushing and sieving of the granule;

at last, bundling of the yam flour in a branded bundle

Searching for raw material

There is just a single crude material for yam flour production. This is the yam tuber. It can be found in numerous nations that we’ve specified before. The intriguing actuality is the distinction in white yam species in these nations. With respect to West Africa, it has great white yam for delivering of beat yam flour.

Yam flour handling machine in Nigeria

You should consider important this issue. It’s important to have the overwhelming gear for production of beat yam flour. Yam transportation additionally requires great hardware since it’s very substantial. You will require substantial obligation trucks for moving it from the homestead to your production line. It’s additionally important to have a wellspring of energy supply, for instance, a creating set or enduring power from the national framework. One greater hardware for yam flour production is a wellspring of water and water stockpiling tank. The other vital hardware:

  • weighing,
  • processing and bundling machine,
  • grater, ‘
  • dryer,
  • slicer.
  • Monetary assets
Yam flour production business plan machinery
Yam flour production business plan

You should think about it ahead of time. In a perfect world, it can be your own reserve funds, family bolster or small scale back bank.


Your business ought to be situated in the region of Nigeria that is effortlessly available to the future customers.


At the point when your item is prepared, you can run the promotions. This is a decent method to educate an open about your business. It should be possible just on the off chance that it is endorsed off and cleared by the administration organization in control. Promoting will help your potential shoppers to find out about your item and spur them to get it. You can utilize such routes as bulletin, TV plugs, handing out flyers.

Work and salary

Yam flour production business plan
Yam flour production business plan

You will require workers in yam flour production. The more effective your business is, the more individuals you require. The compensations can be day by day or month to month. If you don’t mind take note of, the yield of item relies upon the salary. In the event that instalment is great, it expands the production yield. On account of tremendous transfers, the yam flour can be traded by means of ship or air transportation.

Yam flour production business plan
Yam flour production business plan

You can likewise offer the item in online stores, nearby shops and markets in light of the fact that there are the high needs of the nation.

To have the capacity to contribute and maintain a business effectively, you should total up its advantages and disadvantages, each conceivable hazard, rough benefit, acquiring all the fundamental licenses and allows, potential customers. On the off chance that you have discovered more points of interest and benefits, begin your business strikingly.

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