How to apply for Switzerland student Visa from Nigeria

How to apply for Switzerland student Visa from Nigeria, Switzerland student visa preparing time, Switzerland student visa rules are few of the inquiries at the forefront of your thoughts as of now. Or on the other hand, do you need information about Switzerland government office in Nigeria, Switzerland student visa expenses, Switzerland student visa life partner and other related inquiries regarding Switzerland student visa? You should read this article to the end since this post will furnish you with the exact information you require about getting your Switzerland student Visa from Nigeria effectively.

How to apply for Switzerland student Visa from Nigeria
How to apply for Switzerland student Visa from Nigeria

You can approach my past articles under the Study Abroad segment to peruse about how to apply for student visa for Countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Belarus, Thailand, India, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Netherlands, Kenya, South Africa, Lithuania, Georgia and others. I will give you a well-ordered guide on how to get a Switzerland student Visa from Nigeria all the way.

Concentrate In Switzerland Overview

I am certain you more likely than not seen many articles about Switzerland and possibly a few photos of the new nation you will promote your Education. I simply need to add a little to what you think about Switzerland.

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There are the 10 Cantonal Universities and the two government establishments of innovation in Switzerland. A portion of whose histories, especially on account of the Cantonal colleges, going back to the fifteenth century. The most seasoned college in Switzerland established in 1460. Each of the twelve colleges works pretty much in the established custom of European colleges in that they both instruct and lead research, and offer an extensive variety of concentrates inside the resources of law and financial aspects, arithmetic, regular sciences, humanities and sociology. On the off chance that you are questioning in the event that you will get a quality training, I can guarantee you that you will get a world standard instruction in Switzerland.

How to apply for Switzerland student Visa from Nigeria
How to apply for Switzerland student Visa from Nigeria

How To Apply For Switzerland Student Visa From Nigeria

Swiss colleges offer an exclusive requirement of training and relatively low educational cost expenses in single man, ace, and doctoral degree levels separately. As a Nigerian universal student hoping to ponder in Switzerland, you’ll have to apply for a Switzerland student visa from the Swiss government office before flying out to Switzerland.

The reason you are going to Switzerland will decide the sort of Visa you will apply for. A businessperson will require a business visa, a tourist will apply for a tourist visa and you as a student will require a Switzerland student visa.

Switzerland Student Visa

The Swiss student visa is issued to visa candidates who expect to embrace examines, dialect courses or professional preparing from an authorize college or establishment in Switzerland.

For short courses of under 90 days, you’ll require a fleeting Schengen C visa, while for courses of over 90 days, a national D visa and a living arrangement allow will be required for movement. Habitation licenses are issued by the Cantonal Migration Offices.

A qualification is made between here and now living arrangement licenses is short of what one year. Yearly habitation grants are restricted and lasting living arrangement licenses are boundless.

Switzerland Student Visa Required Documents

Swiss visa application for a long haul D visa, reports will include:

1. Three Visa Type D application form. You need to fill it totally and sign it.

2. Four indistinguishable international ID photographs in measurements of 35-40 mm, in shading, full face catch, white foundation, no wigs, glasses, and so forth. It must be an ongoing visa photograph.

3. A universal visa with a year legitimacy and two clear handouts at the back.

4. Two duplicates of international ID pages posting past movement history or any visa refusal letter.

5. Two duplicates of global international ID biodata pages.

Budgetary Evidence

6. Unique and two duplicates of confirmation of sufficient monetary assets to take care of your expenses while you’re in Switzerland. Regardless of whether yourself, guardians or a support, for example, duplicates of bank articulations (a half year term) or a letter from the bank.

7. Confirmation of medicinal services protection which incorporates take care of therapeutic expenses of up to €30,000.

8. Unique and two duplicates of birth declaration.

9. Unique affirmation of enrolment at a perceived Swiss instructive organization, comprehensive of two duplicates.

10. Unique affirmation obviously educational cost charges paid, comprehensive of two duplicates.

11. Unique declaration of English dialect capability test and two duplicates, i.e. IELTS, TOEFL.

12. Two duplicates of Curriculum Vitae

13. Inspiration letter sketching out why you need to come to Switzerland to concentrate and how this will be useful to your profession.

14. Unique and two duplicates of past instructive testaments and certificates.

15. A marked proclamation letter affirming that you will leave Switzerland toward the finish of the course.

16. Receipt of visa application expense of N22, 200, this is paid at the teller counter of the government office, application handling expenses might be charged. Note that this expense is non-refundable

17. The Switzerland consulate will take Biometric information, for example, fingerprints output and facial picture. This will be in the Visa Information System for a long time

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Switzerland Student Visa Application Processing

Visa candidates to Switzerland require an arrangement no less than one week ahead keeping in mind the end goal to present their visa application. You should book arrangement quickly in the wake of accepting your restrictive offer of entrance into a Swiss college. Likewise present your application as right on time as 10 weeks – a half year before movement date.

How to apply for Switzerland student Visa from Nigeria
How to apply for Switzerland student Visa from Nigeria

You can get an arrangement from the international safe haven by sending an email to this address:

While setting up the arrangement, you should give following information:

  • Nature of movement i.e. thinks about
  • Your total name
  • Phone number
  • International ID number
  • Email address
  • Arranged entry date and travel agenda in Switzerland.

Your arrangement will be settled with the government officials from Monday to Thursday between 09:00 AM and 11:00 AM. On your arrangement day, you will be required to touch base no less than 10 minutes ahead of time, show your identification to the custodian for him to confirm your name is on the rundown.

Other Important Things About Switzerland Student Visa

Ensure you finish the filling of the form and make it prepared. With all the vital archives, photocopies and photos, as per the Switzerland visa rules. An inadequate application more often than not requires another arrangement.

  • The visa technique takes 8 – 12 weeks from the date of your application acknowledgement to process.
  • Switzerland Student Visa Passport gathering

The gathering of travel permits is conceivable Monday-Thursday between 14:00PM/14: 30 PM and on Friday between 10:30AM/11: 00 AM, no arrangement required.

On Arrival

You should enlist your landing and organize to get your home allow from the cantonal movement workplaces 14 days after your entry in Switzerland. While you are sitting tight for your B, allow (which may take a little while), you’ll be given verification that will enable you to open a financial balance, however, won’t enable you to leave the nation. You’ll be issued with an allow B as a biometric card. It’s substantial for a year and sustainable.

  • Switzerland Embassy Address
  • 157, Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent,
  • Wuse II
  • Abuja 900288
  • Nigeria
  • Email:
  • Site:

Presently you know all that you should think about Switzerland student visa. On the off chance that you have any inquiries, you can simply ahead and ask underneath. You can share this article by means of our web-based social networking buttons beneath for others to profit from it.

Also, check Schengen visa application in Nigeria: form, requirements & fees

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