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Dino Melaye Lists his Constituency project the list will surprise you

Dino Melaye List his Constituency project the list will surprise you. Senator Dino posted this facebook.
SDM!, SDM!!, SDM!!!
A Promise Made, A Promise Kept-
My God, My People… Thank you!
Date: 18th-21st July 2018.
Constituency Projects Facilitated By Sen.Dino Melaye (KW).
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-Construction of Jamata-Budon Road, Lokoja
– Ayede-Agbajogun-Amuro township road project, Mopa Amuro.
– Okebukun-Ayanga road project, Kabba Bunu
– Ayetoro Kiri-Eggan road project, Kabba Bunu
– Ayetoro Gbede township road project,
– Ejiba Township road project, Yagba west
– Agbudu-Gbarada road project, Kogi LGA
– Kabba-Ogidi Road project, Ijumu
– Okedayo Township road project,
– Ayere Ajowa road project, Ijumu
– Aduge-Ogale road project
Okedayo road network project, Kabba Bunu
– Okoro Gbede-Agirigbon Road project, Ijumu
– Kara-Igbogo road project,Kogi LGA
– Construction of Kara-Bridge, Kogi LGA
– Ayetoro Gbede Skill acquisition centre, Ijumu
– Motorized Water project, Okedayo.
– Solar Powered Motorized Water Project, Felele, lokoja.
– Kabba Bunu Okedayo Water Project,
– Ayeh Gbede Water Project
– 4 blocks Of class Rooms, Sarkin Noma, Lokoja
– 4 blocks of classroom Lokongoma lokoja.
– 4 blocks of classroom for Abugi community
– Blocks of 4 class rooms Ekirin Adde,
– Blocks of 4 class rooms, Ponyan, Yagba East.
– Block of 4 class rooms, Iffe Olukotun, Yagba East,
– 3 Block of classroom, Ogidi, Ijumu.
-Installation of (300KVA) for Ayere-Arima Community, Ijumu.
-Installation of (300KVA) for Ogale-Ayede, Ijumu.
– Extension of Electricity  & Installation of (300KVA)  Transformer for Aduge, Ijumu
– Installation of (300KVA) transformer for Oyo-Iwaa community in Oworo, Lokoja LGA.
– Installation of (500KVA) for Okedayo community
– Installation of (500KVA) Transformer for Ayede- Amuro in Mopa Amuro.
-4 Blocks of classroom for Aduge.
– Installation of (350KVA) Transformer for Okoto Odo-Eri, Yagba West.
-Two Hand Pump Borehole at Isanlu Esa, Yagba East.
-One Hand Pump Borehole in Okunran, Yagba West.
– Installation of (2) (500kva) Transformer Ayetoro Gbede.
– Power generating plant (Mikano) for Ayetoro-Kiri
– Installation of (500KVA) Transformer, Olle, Kabba Bunu,
– Extension of electricity in Omi.
– Installation of (2) (500KVA) in Mopa town
– Solar powered borehole Water Project, Ayetoro Gbede,Ijumu.
-Two (300KVA) Transformer for Ogidi Community.
– Solar powered borehole water project, Iluke
– Ayetoro Gbede Motorized borehole project.
– Motorized borehole for Adankolo, Lokoja LGA.
According to him.
   Imole de oooo!!!,Imole nla,Imole yi da ra!!!!.
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