Who are the victims of drug and alcohol abuse?

In today’s society, alcoholism and drug addiction are rather prevalent. Over twenty percent of Americans, according to some estimates, struggle with drug addiction of some kind. Guest posting a problem with alcoholism or drugs

Alcoholism and drug addiction harm not just the addict but also the people in his or her life, bringing only devastation, grief, and pain. Drug addiction affects friends and family as well as workplace environments. Employees who struggle with drug or alcohol addiction damage firms and make working conditions unpleasant and sometimes dangerous.

inpatient drug rehab Arizona The causes of alcoholism and drug addiction continue to be the subject of several unfounded myths. Some people try to identify the social groupings that are most impacted. Others try to categorise drug and alcohol abuse as a disease or a moral failing. These myths spread needless misunderstanding, fear, and shame. Alcoholism or drug addiction do not affect any particular segment of society. Every socioeconomic group, race, and gender are impacted. It is unnecessary to associate drug users with negative stereotypes or to be afraid of them. Everyone experiences difficulties in life at some point and requires assistance from others. Alcoholics and drug addicts are just like everyone else. Nobody chooses drug or alcohol addiction; instead, these conditions take one’s life.

How Are Substance Abuse and Alcoholism Recognized?

Addiction to alcohol and drugs comes with warning symptoms. Following is a list of a few of these:

  • Moody, impatient, risky, or violent actions
  • Extremely high energy levels (such as talking nonstop) or weariness
  • Paranoia
  • concern for hygiene or personal appearance that develops suddenly
  • abrupt changes among friends

Two out of every five drug users who work also use illegal drugs while at their place of employment. Unsurprisingly, drug or alcohol abuse is a factor in nearly half of work-related accidents.

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